Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Straight Hair Experiment

There are days when you really feel bad about your hair.. and i am one of those lucky people who do have these days many times a year... me lucky, because it gave me ( finally) opportunity to write something down about my experiments with hairs.


1. Curly Hair
2. Rough hair
3. Dry Hair.
4. Scalp itching
5  Hair Fall.


When you are in India, things which are common while

A)driving bikes are-Dust,Sweat and helmet all these things press your hair down.
B) In office- Continuous flow of AC/Fan makes hair more weak from base
C) In home- ... no comment.. my wife too njoys reading my blog and i love my hair.. i mean wife alot.Sorry sweety.

What was my Problem?

Each time when i comb my hair.. some of my hair lost battle with the comb and left me for the comb.I was so scared that i stopped using any thing my on my hair.

What i did?

1. I stopped using Warm Water on my head
2. I used to oil my hair in the night
3. In morning i treated my self with shampoo and little conditioner.( almost everyday)
4, Let the hair dry by itself.
5. Used Han-kerchief to cover my hair before using the helmet
6.  started taken plenty of water and more protein in food.
7.Finally i started helping my sweety

Before coming this final solution , i have experiment everything, right from applying  paste of gram on my head to applying egg, but things were not in control and was causing hair fall was not leaving me. Using appropirate amount of shampoo,onditioner and visit to nutrition specialist helped me taking care of this problem